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What are our focus area?

Conflict, peace and governance

Publishing cutting-edge research work

Initiating dialogues with governments, lawmakers, businesses and civil society

Peace operations and peacebuilding

Providing thought leadership

IPSED provide timely and reliable analysis, practical training and technical assistance to universities, governments as well as civil society.

Our task is to participate the institutional building and rediscover truly Somali values to represent them to contemporary Somali society by producing skilled professionals in conflict prevention, management, resolution, peace building, disaster management  and promoting the values of a democratic and peaceful society, so that our legacy will help us prosper in a globalized world.

Institute for Peace, Security & Development (IPSED)

The Institute for Peace, Security & Development (IPSED) is a nonprofit research institute based in Somalia dedicated to promote, peace and security, research and Economic development.

IPSED work is independent of vested interests and partisan influences.

IPSED act as an intellectual centre creating space for principles-centric and results-oriented dialogue

The Mission of IPSED is to offer demand based education capacity training in the specialized field of peace and security to students and other stakeholders, as well as adoptive peace and security through research, dialogue and other outreach activities in Somalia

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